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Why Corporate Digital Signage

  • With regards to sharing information and ensuring productivity while maintaining ease-of-use, the importance of corporate environments to become more competitive in the digital landscape has never been greater. Corporations need to cultivate an environment that allows for enhanced employee collaboration and can facilitate interaction and collaborative sharing of knowledge. Meetings need to be optimized for productivity and interactivity in support of a free exchange of ideas and opinions.
  • Displays need to be utilized to share relevant information, backed by simplified operation and content management, while being able to accommodate situations involving manpower limitations, multiple location deployments and operation. And most importantly, corporations need to deliver high-impact messages to maximize customer engagement. To capably address these needs and concerns, corporations are turning to the use of digital signage solutions.

Why Samsung Digital Signage in Corporate

Samsung provides extensive connectivity and content support to facilitate interactive meeting environments (approved)
  • Easy content sharing by supporting a wide range of media formats and plug & play functionality.
  • High compatibiity with peripheral devices and windows operation system.
  • optimum expandability with optional plug-in module (PIM)
Samsung provides diverse corporate digital signage solutions in an all-in-one package
  • an all-in-one solution: Samsung’s interactive whiteboard solution with an immersive display, touch overlay, pen tray and pen, and embedded IWB software
  • the best performing e-board: Enhanced drawing experience with a quick learning curve
  • a selection of display sizes from 65" to 82" along with a choice of touch feature variations including hand touch (IR, cost-effective) and hybrid touch (pen and hand)
Samsung corporate digital signage provides advanced functionality to meet even your highest expectations (approved)
  • highly robust e-board signage (DME-BM) to facilitate quick recognition and easy writing like analog
  • multiple touch e-board variants, such as hand touch and hybrid
  • world’s slimmest video wall & seamless e-board (DEM-BC) work to elevate the overall ambience of corporate environments
Samsung provides advanced management solutions for integrated device and content management (approved)
  • the MagicInfo solution of DataLink enables a real-time connection with internal databases
  • centralized management of content and display with optional MagicInfo Server
  • remotely manage a network of displays with Samsung MagicInfo
Samsung provides superior display technologies to deliver vibrant and dynamic images
  • uniform color presentations of video walls with meticulous factory calibration and advanced color management S/W
  • clear and vivid content viewing with deeper black and brighter white through a superior 5000:1 contrast ratio and anti-glare touch overlay (with less than 15% glare)
  • flexible and artistic display layouts with image rotation functionality

Hear What Our Customers Are Saying About Corporate Digital Signage

“The high deegree of reliability, quality and design of Samsung solutions is an added value that allows us to fully meet the customers’ needs.“- Ali Reza Arabnia, Chairman, President and CEO

“With Samsung Cloud Displays, we have ‘eyes-only’ security and almost no risk of accidental or intentional data downloads.“- Josiah Becker, Senior System Specialist


Reception or lobbies
“Reinforcing brand/corporate image, use for displaying artwork to help instill contemporary ambience, and disseminating corporate event information"

Conference Rooms
“Facilitating engaging discussion, while supporting seamless video conferencing, providing up-to-date meeting schedules, and augmenting employee training"

Executive rooms
“Displaying real-time market data, effectively providing internal management data, and delivering customized messages across multiple locations"

Workplace signage
“Informing daily notifications and displaying of simple training and business indexing information"

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